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Los Angeles Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt Reviews and Opinions

Here are some reviews from the web for this t-shirt:

Los Angeles Apparel long sleeve t-shirt photos

★★★★☆ The material is good quality but the sleeves run very long - something to be aware of.

★★☆☆☆ All I can say is the shirt fits weird. I ordered a size down because it is unisex like I do on the next level and Its tight on the body but REALLY loose on the arms. I feel if I ordered true to size the body would fit right but the arms would be even baggier. I had my daughter also try it on as she is tall and very thin and thought at least the body would fit (which it did) but the arms were ridiculous. So for women I would not recommend it. To me the Next Level or the American apparel are better choices.

★★☆☆☆ So I would say this shirt fits very small. I'm a petite 5" 5" woman and the small is tight on me..the sleeves are incredibly baggie. That is only going to look good on a person who is very slender in my opinion.

★★★★★ Love the fit and quality of the shirt! Nice lightweight long sleeve.

★★★★★ Was a bit hesitant due to the price. Went and pulled the trigger and placed my order. Shirt came in and all I can say is QUALITY. Soft fabric, but not too soft like the bella canvas tees. Good size collar and cuffs.

★★★★★ I absolutely loved this shirt -- especially compared to the Gildon. The sleeves do run a bit long and i know some dont like that but I don't mind. I like to be able to hide my hands in my sleeves on cold days.

★★★★★ It came in a just a little big, but after one wash it shrinks to what it should be. Other than that, I have no complaints!