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Drawstring Bag Reviews and Opinions

Here are some reviews from the web for this drawstring bag:

★★★★★ The colors were bright and not blurry , the fabric was strong. all over good quality

★★★★★ I use this for a gym bag; it's very durable and looks great!

★★★★☆ Very nice quality and very durable.

★★★★★ Really vivid colors. The material is sturdy and nice.

★★★★★ It seems a little bigger than what I thought it would be. I wish the drawstrings were a little more sturdy but other than that.

★★★★★ Good quality bag. Sturdy material. I wish the strings could be regulated/adjusted through.

★★★★☆ Nice size, sturdy, material seems solid, strings also pretty solid. Stitching has a few loose ends and the print was a bit smudged on one side (had the same design on both sides). This is not really visible unless you have your nose up to the bag, so all in all pretty good.

Drawstring bag reviews