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Dress Reviews and Opinions

Here are some reviews from the web for this dress:

★★★★★  Gorgeous quality! The dress is soft, and comfy - the print quality is vibrant and perfect!

★★★★★  Wonderful fabric, and great quality print. Just note that it is designed for woman with larger hips and smaller breasts.

★★★★☆ It feels really nice, but it slides up when you walk or move. I think this would be the perfect dress for someone who isn’t very curvy. It’s thin, so all your imperfections will show. But it would also be nice on a pregnant woman :) The material is very stretchy and darker prints will fade when worn because of the stretching. I also wish there were a longer option.

★★★★☆ Really soft to touch pleasant fabric. Comfortable. Great print work. But rolls up on sides when you walk or move. Otherwise doesn't constrict movements.

★★★★★ I am very happy with my dresses I ordered. They all look and feel great. Great color, great sewing.

★★★★★ I LOVE it SO much. I was so excited to be able to have this done. It came out beautiful and I was concerned about the dress material and fit but i LOVE the material and the fit and the stretchyness!