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Swimsuit Reviews and Opinions

Here are some reviews from the web for this swimsuit:

★★★★★ Really great quality. I ordered a size down. The mock up image makes the fit look much lower on the hips than in reality. I was happy that it ended up being higher.

★★★★☆ The print came out nice and the quality of the garment was great. My only critique is that it was a little loose around the arms near the breast. 

★★★★☆ I bought a medium and I usually fit a size US10 and this was just slightly too big for me. 
The back scoop gave the suit a more casual feel rather than a sports/swimming laps kind of suit. I think it could even be made slightly deeper. I would also like to see this come in more colours. Unfortunately using an overall colour doesn't work because the inside of the suit is still white and this makes it look cheap.

★★★★★ The material is high quality. Thick and stretchy. The fit is very accurate. Nice low back and scoop front will allow great normal tan areas. The leg openings are high cut, but not too high, allowing some modesty. There are no bra cups.

★★☆☆☆ The bust section is either too tight on a smaller size or awkwardly gaping out on a larger size suit. I had an older woman with curves and a younger woman with curves try this swimsuit on, and both agreed the cut just isn't right for their body type. If you're going to create a swimsuit, then have a variety of swimwear patterns that will flatter a variety of figures, not just the skinny and flat.

★★★★☆ The fit it perfect but my only down side is that the scoop at the back is SO low that the straps may slide down for those with smaller busts and/or smaller shoulders.
I would recommend either making the scoop less dramatic or to add a band/sash where the shoulder blades are to stabilize the arm straps from having a fashion malfunction!

Swimsuit reviews