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Pretending I'm high-tech!

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So the other day, I sat down to draw, and everything was coming out really weird. I looked closely at my pen nib, and it looked like it got stepped on. So I thought oh my gosh, I need to fix this right away, so I went online and B&H Photo had nibs, so then I thought oh, I have another problem, I don't have the tool to take it out. So Henry said, just use this! And I thought he was crazy. Look at that thing. So, he did it and I thought, OK, it didn't break, so let me show you what he did. Let me try to get this right. Alright so just go in, pull straight out. Here we go. Now, take the new nib. Gently push it in. There you go. Now I'll test it. Test. Alright. Works. Alright, it works!


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